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“Green Eggs and Peas” Makes The Countdown!


Dr. Demento’s year end countdown of the most requested songs of the year just came out and we are very happy to announce that “Green Eggs and Peas” squeaked onto the countdown at #24. Thank you so much to everyone who requested this song!

You can view the entire countdown and listen to the show online at

“Elevator” Returns to Dr. Demento’s Countdown


Coinciding with the release of our brand new puppet video for the track, “Elevator” has returned to Dr. Demento’s monthly countdown of the most requested songs. The sketch was the #8 track for June, 2012!

Big thanks to everyone who requested the song. Let’s keep those requests coming and see if we can’t get it back on the Funny 25 for the year. Last year it came in at #22.

And if you haven’t seen the video yet just see the next post.

Green Eggs and Peas Hits #2


Our new album Stupid Cowboy Thing, Volume 2: Additional Squid appears to be doing well with the fans. The week after it debuted the Mad Music Top 20 Revenge show featured 11 of the tracks on the countdown. This week 14 tracks made the top 20 and additional tracks were featured throughout the show.

Then this past weekend Dr. Demento’s monthly Top 10 countdown of the most requested songs of the month came out and “Green Eggs and Peas” was featured at #2!

Thanks so much to everyone who has been requesting our sketches on your favorite comedy show. Please continue to do so! We really appreciate it.

You can listen to the Mad Music Top 20 Revenge show here:

And you can listen to The Dr. Demento Show here:

Looking For Things: An Amazing New System


Sometimes you just can’t find stuff. Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb! But that aside, Cirque du So What offers up An Amazing New System for finding stuff – it’s called Looking For Things! Luke Ski parlays his real-life frustrations into yet another irresistible thing we must all partake in!! This is from the “Procrastinators of the Apocalypse” sessions and features Sara “Dement1a” Trice as the hapless looker-for-things who Sees The Light, Devo Spice as “Tim” [which means that ShoEboX is here in spirit], Luke Ski as himself in full infomercial glory, and Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad as the usual TV announcer. Check out more of the group and pick up CDs and T-shirts at or OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Hear Looking For Things now on The FuMP.

Deathworks SKG


Some of the phrases commonly heard in entertainment advertising are getting overused. Cirque du So What now presents a short fable illustrating the consequences to which this could lead if gone unchecked. Thank you, good luck, and God bless America.

Listen to Deathworks SKG now on The FuMP.

“I Want TILE!” T-shirts Now Available


I Want Tile! t-shirts now available! Do you want tile? Of course you do! Who doesn’t want tile? Now you can proclaim your search for tile to everyone you see!

• Confuse random people on the street.
• Join your friends in an inside joke.
• Or just walk into a tile store and see what they say!

The possibilities are endless! Get your very own “I Want TILE!” shirt today for just $14.99!

Note: We are temporarily sold out of size XXL shirts.




Luke Ski here. When I was a lad, I had a Commodore 128 plus, for which I bought and played many floppy disc video games. One of them was “The Three Stooges”, a series of mini games where you raise money to save an oprhanage. In one of the mini-games, you could be Moe and slap around Larry and Curly like they do in the classic short films. As the years went on, and game franchises like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, the Marvel vs. Capcom crossovers, and the like grew in popularity and technical refinement, I always felt that there needed to be a current-tech follow up to that old mini-game, taken to it’s logical extremes. So I wrote this sketch with help from Devo, ShoEboX, and Chris in the hopes to kick-start it into its existence. So come on Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony! What are you waiting for? We already have an awesome butt-kickin’, eye-pokin’, face-slappin’ techno theme song for you by Alchav of Soggy Potato Chips, and this awesome video by Jered “Mr. Tuesday” Perez, so get to it!

Stoogefighter video by Mr. Tuesday

This is a track from the debut album by Cirque du So What?, “Procrastinators Of The Apocalypse”, available now at the FuMP store! Get yours today, numbskull! *slap!*

Debut Album “Procrastinators Of The Apocalypse” Now Available


The debut album Procrastinators Of The Apocalypse features an hour of hilarious sketch comedy.

Order the album now for just $14.95 plus shipping!

Track list:
1. God Hates Comedy Musicians
2. Mob Internship Program
3. Guess The Context #1
4. He’s Good
5. Escargot Flambé A La Mode
6. A Fucking Room
7. At The Seaside Hotel On Carson Ave
8. The Bible, An Audio Book
9. Guess The Context #2
10. Name Pitch Meeting
11. Gilbert’s Basket Of Shoes
12. StoogeFighter
13. Guess The Context #3
14. T&A VHS Rental-Rama
15. At The Wendy’s On Carson Ave
16. The Track You Will Listen To The Most On This Disc
17. Guess The Context #4
18. You Need Prozac, Charlie Brown
19. CSI: Dora
20. Luke Ski Cereal
21. Gilbert’s Bucket Of Roses
22. At The Strip Club On Carson Ave
23. Guess The Context #5
24. Why I No Longer Listen To New York Hip Hop Radio
25. Mythbusters: The Cat Came Back
26. Guess The Context #6
27. Late Night Phone Call
28. Cheesy Eggs
29. Gilbert’s Thing Of Stuff
30. Meanwhile…
31. Guess The Context #7
32. At The Home Center On Carson Ave
33. Dumb Fanfic Awards
34. Happy Fanfare

God Hates Comedy Musicians


Well FuMPers, after all the secrecy and all the questions and hypotheses, here it is…the debut from “dementia” supergroup Cirque du So What? Devo Spice, ShoEboX, Luke Ski, and Chris from Power Salad teamed up at ShoEboX’s studio in Rochester NY in January to record what would turn out to be our debut album PROCRASTINATORS OF THE APOCALYPSE, and then some! This track pretty much represents us and our view on the state of things. We’re sorry!!!!!!!……….

Our first track God Hates Comedy Musicians is now available over on The FuMP.  Listen here.

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