Holy crap, we here at Cirque du So What are really bad at keeping this website up to date with our activities. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • We released “Stupid Cowboy Thing – Volume 1: GRANDMOTHER!” back in August 2011. It can be purchased at the FuMP Store.
  • 4 tracks from “GRANDMOTHER” were posted at the FuMP, you can hear them all for free and purchase them at our FuMP page.
  • One of those tracks, “Elevator” was #22 on Dr. Demento’s Funny 25 of 2011.
  • On The Mad Music Dementia Top 50 of 2011, “Elevator” was #15, “Group Dynamic Meeting (One More Stupid Day)” was #18, and “200 Minutes of Free Prayer Time” was #20.
  • We performed at Con on the Cob in Akron in October 2011, where ShoEboX won an award for a song about his scrotum.

Currently, we are on the verge of releasing our 3rd album, the second part of our second recording weekend sessions,¬†“Stupid Cowboy Thing – Volume 2: Additional Squid”. We’ll be releasing it at MarsCon 2012 in the Twin Cities, March 9-11, 2012. All 4 of us will be performing there individually, and as Cirque du So What? Details can be found at MarsCon.com and MarsConDementia.com. The MarsCon 2012 Dementia Track¬†Fund Raiser album features live CdSW sketches from MarsCon 2011 that were not on the SCTv1 Pre-order album. So you bring the Shasta, and we’ll bring the Superhorse to MarsCon 2012!